Member Section

Please explore all our new pages and features. In this new website you will be able to buy tickets for events, buy sponsorships, buy name tags, get great information, contact your officers and museum staff, and more! More links and pages will be coming with time as we need them. If you would like to see any information on this site that is not currently developed please email me at

In order to update your records and keep your information accurate in the new Stuart Society directory please click on the following link and fill out the form. This information can be updated again by you at any time for a new address, phone number, etc. by simply coming back to this link and filling it out again. This will be the new and best way of updating your personal information with the Stuart Society as it goes directly into our member database. No emails or phone calls needed! There is also a space to request a hardcopy mailing of The Scene if you wish one. The default at this time is to not mail The Scene unless it is specifically requested. Thanks! 

Update your personal information here!