How to host an Affaire d'Art:

From the Chair

We are entering a momentous time in the Stuart Society’s history where digital will be our way of life! How exciting and convenient! As the Affaires d'Art Chairman for this coming year, I am excited to embrace the digital age and get started on the creation of our new line up of events for 2016-17.

Get your groups together and put on your thinking caps to create a cool event to host for the coming year. Some of the more popular ideas involve outdoor activities like the Historical Walking Tours, the Biking Tours, and Segway Tour. The lunch and learn events continue to be well attended as do the Holiday Craft making venues. Please look through last year’s events that have been posted below to get more ideas or feel free to call me to discuss.

Planning for Affaires d’Art 2016-2017 is underway and we hope you will consider hosting an event. Make the party-giving easier and more fun while sharing the costs by asking some Stuart Society friends to join you in hosting the Affaire.

Here’s how to get started: 

  1. Use the link below to submit your idea for an Affaires event. Remember to include your proposed date, location, description of event, cost per person, max number of guests, primary hostess email, phone number and any other pertinent information. Do you need any additional information from your guests before they attend? You may also list questions for your attendees to answer when they register. If you need help submitting your Affaires information, please contact the Affaires Chair at All Affaire submissions must be done by way of this link in order to be listed for the year.
  2. Affaires d'Art events should be submitted by June 15.  
  3. All Affaires will be listed online in the Affaires d’Art Shop found here
  4. For an example of an Affaire listed online, please see the iPad Class on the Affaires d’Art Shop page.
  5. As in the past, Affaires d'Art will be listed in a hardcopy booklet, which will be mailed to potential attendees. To have your Affaire included in this booklet, your event information must be submitted to the link below no later than June 15 due to printing and mailing deadlines. Although Affaires submitted after this date will not be listed in the booklet, they will be listed online at the Affaires Shop, subject to Affaires d’Art Chair and Digital Chair approval. 
  6. As a reminder, the Host(s) provide all funding for their Affaires event. All proceeds from ticket sales go to the Stuart Society for the benefit of the Museum. Thank you very much for your generosity and support! 
  7. Optimally this year Affaires would cost between $25-50 per guest.
  8. All events are subject to approval by the Affaires d'Art Chair. 

Submit your event here


Prior Events and ideas from the past:

Affaires 2015 Booklet