The Stuart Society 60th Anniversary Commemorative Bracelet


To celebrate The Stuart Society's 60th Anniversary year (2022), any donation to the 60 for 60 Anniversary Appeal that is $100 or more will receive a Commemorative Stuart Society Membership Bracelet. Support The Stuart Society and proudly wear your bracelet every day and at all of our events!

Bracelets are limited and will be available for pickup at the General Membership Meetings. Thank you for your generosity in donating to The Stuart Society!

The Margaret Acheson Stuart Society was created 60 years ago to help the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg become a reality.  Since then, we have ensured that the MFA has reached the height of success.  

The purpose of The Stuart Society is to: promote the welfare of the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg; stimulate public interest and participation in Museum activities; increase the Museum’s general membership; and to maintain a close acquaintance with the activities of the Museum.




The portion of your contribution which is not tax-deductible is $40, which is the fair market value of the goods provided.